ByADL, Build Your ADL (ByADL Homepage) is a framework for developing next generation ADLs according to their evolved requirements. byADL is built on model-driven technologies and tools which are more powerful with respect to techniques used in the past, such as normal programming languages or XSLT that may suffer from code maintainability and scalability issues.

In byADL, the specification of an ADL mainly consists of a metamodel whose semantics is given in terms of the DUALLy semantic core. In particular, byADL is fully integrated and built on top of DUALLy, a framework that provides ADLs and tools interoperability. Moreover, byADL provides composition mechanisms enabling a software architect to create their own ADL by customizing or extending existent ADLs. In byADL interoperability and extensibility mechanisms coexist since we believe that it is not practical to put everything in one architectural language. For this reason we do not promote, even though this could be technically possible, the composition and merging of two different ADLs.

With byADL, an existing ADL can be extended with (i) domain specific concerns, (ii) analysis notations, (iii) new architectural views, and (iv) methodologies and processes that support other life-cycle activities.

ByADL allows software architects to cut-off part of an ADL metamodel and to finely tune it by adding references and so on. ADL-specific tools are build on top of byADL that enables functionalities like visualization, consistency checking, and multi-view handling of architectural descriptions. byADL is implemented as a set of Eclipse plugins that can be integrated with other MDE technologies already available in the Eclipse community.